2013 Platinum PR Awards: Global PR

Winner: Rotary International - End Polio Now

Though it may seem like a disease of yesteryear, polio is still a very serious problem in many parts of the world. Through its “End Polio Now” campaign, Rotary International has worked to keep polio eradication squarely in the public eye, resulting in increased funding and an enhanced public image of Rotary as a global humanitarian service organization.

Goals of the highly successful campaign included achieving increased financial support from Rotary members and other donors, including governments, nonprofits, foundations and individuals. The campaign also sought to achieve an engaged social media community to broaden the reach of the polio eradication message. The effort also hoped to heighten global recognition through earned media placements in national and international publications.

Strategies used to accomplish these goals included educating global media on the role and responsibilities of Rotary International in polio eradication; building awareness through social media communities; creating educational and interactive online content to engage multiple publics; and leveraging existing internal communications channels in seven languages.

A joint Rotary-government of India Polio Summit 2012 yielded a spike in media coverage, as numerous stories were printed about the event with many focused on the official announcement that India had been removed from the polio-endemic list. Approximately half of those stories mentioned Rotary.

By every measure, the End Polio Now campaign has been a success. For example, media response to Rotary International outreach is at an all-time high with leading global publications frequently covering the organization’s role in polio eradication.

Honorable Mentions:

  • A Different Future and Finn Partners - Victims of Our Own Narratives: Israeli-Palestinian School Book Study Addresses Long-standing Controversy of the Middle East
  • American Pistachio Growers - The Power of Pistachios
  • Bacardi Limited - Celebrating 150 Years of Bringing People Together
  • O'Malley Hansen Communications - Green for Good
  • Wyndham Hotel Group - Wyndham Hotel Group Global Public Relations Campaign
  • Yum! Brands Inc. - Taking People with You

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