2013 Platinum PR Awards: Employee Relations

Winner: Financial Times Digital Learning Week 2012

With its Digital Learning Week 2012, The Financial Times set out to stay ahead of the digital curve by developing an internal communications strategy to reflect its external reputation as a digital leader with a clear digital-first strategy.

Digital Learning Week ran from October 9-11, 2012, and saw over 500 staff attend 40 events in seven Financial Times offices around the globe: London, New York, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing. Key presentations were filmed and added to the FT's intranet, and hundreds of people watched later online.

Objectives included informing, educating and creating a dialogue about all things digital; raising internal awareness of the Financial Times’ digital strategy and how this impacts staff; and enhancing digital skills and awareness of its staff.

Digital Learning Week was an innovative and transformational initiative, unique in that it is both an internal communications campaign but also one that educates employees to embrace the digital age.

The DLW team attracted a high caliber range of internal and external speakers to give presentations, panel discussions and run interactive workshops. External speakers included Facebook, Google, Edelman, BBC, New York Times, LinkedIn, PWC, Chartbeat, Kraft and more. Staff was also encouraged to complete online learning courses.

The event has been vital in changing the culture at the Financial Times, adapting internal communications for a digital age and keeping staff engaged and informed about new digital channels and opportunities.

As well as setting a precedent for the level of digital capability all staff must have, it has proved a catalyst for ongoing digital training across the business as the Financial Times continues to equip employees with the tools and information necessary to maintain the publication’s success in the digital age.

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