2012 Digital PR Awards: WOW! Campaign

Co-Winner: BWK New York - A F***ing Great PR Launch on a Shoestring Budget

The Dollar Shave Club needed to get the word out about their remarkable offer—selling razors on line that would cost the buyer just $1. Where do I sign up? They needed a plan for their target customers, people who wanted an inexpensive shave.

What they did was crease an absolutely hilarious video that posed the question “Are our blades good?” and provided the emphatic answer “Our blades are f**king great!” The video, which now has over 50,000 Likes, became the centerpiece of BWK’s campaign.

Two strategies were created to maximize Dollar Shave Club’s launch. For starters, BWK needed to drive tipping points in different communities including tech adopters and LA press. The media which would have access to the video were carefully chosen in the hopes of making the video go viral.  Secondly, some of the biggest names in the media had to be convinced they would want to view the video under embargo. That’s where the personality of BWK would come in handy.

A list of media who covered the interests of men was compiled as the expectation was that they would have a good sense of humor and “get it.” This would ultimately help the Dollar Shave Club’s cause.

Just two days after the launch, 12,000 new members were registered and the views of the video have risen from 4 to 5 million. The video was featured on “The Today Show” and the Dollar Shave Club was recognized by Advertising Age at their Digital Conference.

The winning team included Ben Kellogg and Matthew Connolly.

Co-Winner: Linhart Public Relations and Vermillion Design + Interactive -
Rudi's Organic Bakery: "Let's Doodle Lunch" Campaign 

Rudi’s Organic Bakery had been an established brand from more than 35 years in Boulder, Colo. Despite its delicious and notable organic breads and baked goods, sales hit a speed bump towards the end of 2011.  Rudi need a plan to engage and reach the 25 to 54-year-old consumer which was Rudi’s target consumer. The “Let’s Doodle Lunch” campaign, led by the winning team of Rudi's Organic Bakery, Linhart Public Relations and Vermillion Design + Interactive,  was created to invite moms to upload her child’s artwork with the hopes of receiving a customized sandwich box with the child’s own drawing on the lid.  Not only would the campaign help moms feel pride about sharing their child’s artwork, but the kids would feel accomplished and excited about lunch, all of which would help the visibility of the bakery.

Fans submitted 18,500 designs to the Rudi’s Organic sandwich box art contest application, Let’s Doodle Lunch, on Facebook. Each entrant received a sandwich box with their child’s picture on it. The grand prize winner received a year supply of Rudi’s Organic bread, a $100 Target gift card for school supplies, a $150 Whole Foods gift card and a year subscription to KIWI magazine.

The “Let’s Doodle Lunch” campaign partnered with Chef Ann Cooper’s The Lunch Box, which promotes made-from-scratch meals. After the month-long campaign, fans of Rudi voted on their favorite sandwich box. After the month-long campaign, Rudi’s saw an increase of Facebook likes and online mentions. To meet the original objective of increasing the brand awareness of Rusi, the organization met quarterly sales goals across all brands, successfully lifting them out of their sales doldrums.

Honorable Mentions

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  • HORN - Tech the Halls: HORN Turns Reporters Into RockStars

  • Kaiser Permanente - Every Body Walk!

  • Vodafone and Plasenta - VODAFONE Farmer Club: Vodafone Reaps What It Sows

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