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Spamming: Will PR Specialists Lead the Way in Helping Set Things Straight?

June 16th, 1997 by

When Steven Blinn, a principal at the New York-based PR agency Steven Blinn & Associates, received on June 4 unsolicited e-mail from E-Wire, an environmental news service, he saw it as more than the mistake… Continued


June 12th, 1997 by

June 16-19: Disease Management Congress: Effective Disease Prevention & Health Promotion. National Managed Health Care Congress. New York City; 617/270-0600 June 16-17: Emerging Healthcare Technology: US & International Financing and Strategic Alliance Opportunities. Cambridge Health… Continued

Merger Watch: An Eye On The Changing Healthcare Climate

June 12th, 1997 by

Healthcare organizations are merging or being acquired at a dizzying pace. In the second installment of this new feature, which will run in every issue of HPRMN, we take a look at a recent merger… Continued

Marketers Are Breaking The Mold With Cinema, Bus Campaigns

June 12th, 1997 by

Fierce industry competition has forced healthcare marketers to stretch the boundaries of where they’ll go to build consumer awareness and generate interest. The old standbys: TV, radio and newspapers are being re-evaluated and sometimes overlooked… Continued

The News Monitor

June 12th, 1997 by

Ethical Marketing Dilemmas Cigna Causing Tidal Waves Among Members, Employers Corporate relations professionals at Cigna HealthCare Mid-Atlantic are busy handling the backlash from members, employers and physicians due to its recent decision to drop hundreds… Continued

Differentiating Healthcare Messages

June 12th, 1997 by

The name of the game for innovative healthcare marketers is finding effective and innovative ways to differentiate their messages and breakthrough the conservative "Marcus Welby-like" approach to healthcare advertising, according to Clay Wilemon, president of… Continued

On The Pulse: Trends & Surveys In The Healthcare Industry

June 12th, 1997 by

Sexual Misconduct Among Physicians Prevalent A staggering 4 out of every 10 doctors disciplined for sexual misconduct continue to practice medicine due to "overly lenient" actions by regulatory agencies, a patient watchdog group recently charged.… Continued

Ad Abstract: Health System Looks To Own Employees For Community Positioning in South Florida

June 12th, 1997 by

To etch out a prominent image of what it means to be a not-for-profit system in a sea of for-profit systems in the south Florida market, Intracoastal Health Systems, Inc., (West Palm Beach, Fla.), embarked… Continued

Case Study No. 113 – Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

June 12th, 1997 by

East Coast Hospital Responds to Bloodless Needs of Community Three years ago, when Englewood Hospital and Medical Center met with key members of the extensive Jehovah’s Witness community living in the tri-state area (New Jersey,… Continued

Harnessing The Power of the New Consumer

June 12th, 1997 by

There was a time when the marketing of healthcare products and services – from prescription medications to hospitals to medical devices – focused on influencing health professionals and opinion leaders. In some cases, messages were… Continued