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PRNEWS' Video Guidebook provides insights for communicators on building and optimizing a video strategy on the major social media platforms where the medium dominates: Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, Facebook and Instagram. In this book, you'll get tips and tricks from digital pros at leading corporations, agencies and nonprofits on how to think like a storyteller to create video success on the gamut of platforms that invigorate this content.

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For PR pros, 2016 was the year that made video impossible to ignore. Perhaps it had been in the back of our minds in previous years, as more and more video-based campaigns started to proliferate across social media. But 2016 was the year when both hardware and software converged on that magical point—or that nexus of guilt—where recording and sharing video became easier than falling off the proverbial log.

Snapchat exploded. Instagram upped its video length. Facebook Live rolled out to all users as a native feature in the mobile platform. Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) used Periscope to broadcast a dramatic congressional sit-in to the nation. All the while, improvements to cameras on mobile devices continued unabated, and more accessories became available to further enable the casual videographer on a budget.

But there’s still an art to video that tech can’t (yet) teach you. That’s why for this PR News Guidebook we’ve gathered the advice of communicators who are boldly experimenting with the cutting edge. Ryan White of Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy found a way to “highlight the wonderment and whimsy of the outdoors and nature” via Facebook Live just weeks after its release. Jennifer Reilly of Clorox describes forays into the burgeoning field of influencer marketing and the “unknowns that inherently surround an agreement to co-create content.” And several other pros from brands, agencies and nonprofits speak to the possibilities of engagement with video.

We know that their advice will see you capably in the director’s chair (and probably pulling duty as crew, editor and talent, as well). And...action!


  • 11 Cost-Effective Tips for Using Online Video to Build Engagement With Your Brand By PRNEWS Editors
  • 6 PR Storytelling Rules We Should Pick Up From Classic Movies By Jacqueline Strayer
  • Small Steps Add Up to a Giant Leap: How NASA Made a Star of Juno on Social By PRNEWS Editors
  • Developing a Video Strategy for PR: 5 Elements That Need Attention By Michele Ruiz
  • Are You Developing ADA-Compliant Video Strategies? 8 Tips to Help By Courtney Cunningham
  • Bridging the Disparity of Brand Regulation and Audience Expectation in Live Video By John Lane
  • Think Like a Video Storyteller: Hook, Anchor and Bring Your Viewers In By Cindy Bertram
  • The New Video Rulebook in an Age Ruled by Social Media and Data By Alan Smith
  • All Videos Are Not Created Equal: 6 Steps to Developing Effective Video Strategies By Jeff Breckinridge
  • Video on a Shoestring: 3 Ways to Stretch Your Budget and Tell Effective Stories By Stephanie Elsea & Whitney Presley
  • How Fisher-Price’s Emotional ‘Wishes for Baby’ Video Achieved Viral Success By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • 5 Tips for Video Success on Facebook, One of the Medium’s Biggest Platforms By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Brands Can Inexpensively Create Content That Will Be Shared on Facebook By PRNEWS Editors
  • The Main Question: To Live Stream or Leave Facebook Live Behind? By Lisa Arledge Powell
  • Why PR Teams Should Pay Attention to Their Video Completion Rate on Facebook By Ben Aronson
  • Facebook Pays Celebrities and Media to Create Live Video, Grow Influencers By PRNEWS Editors
  • Feed the Hunger for Facebook Live With These Tips for Engaging Content By Ximena N. Larkin
  • What Brands Can Learn From ‘Chewbacca Mom’ and Her Unexpected Viral Success By Evan Nierman
  • How Golden Gate Nat’l Parks Conservancy Engages Live With Its Facebook Audience By Ryan White
  • What B2B Brands Need to Know Before Starting a Facebook Live Campaign By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Picture This: How to Visualize Your Brand’s Stories With Instagram By PRNEWS Editors
  • 5 Ways Brands Can Turn Instagram Audiences Into Content Heroes By PRNEWS Editors
  • Consumer Engagement With B2C Instagram Videos Shows Upward Trend By PRNEWS Editors
  • How to Create Scroll-Stopping Video Ads and Tell a Strong Story on Instagram By Kaity Dunn & Victoria Sabato
  • Beyond Likes, Shares & Comments: 6 Metrics to Gauge Instagram Effectiveness By Melony Shemberger
  • 6 Tips to Create Instagram Contests That Will Raise Brand Awareness By Chris McGuire
  • What Instagram’s 60-Second Video Format Means for Communicators By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Should Your Brand Be on Snapchat? and Other Essential Questions By PRNEWS Editors
  • 3 Keys to Snapping Success From DJ Khaled, the King of Snapchat By PRNEWS Editors
  • Snapchat Tips and Tactics That Will Help Your Brand Engage With Millennials By PRNEWS Editors
  • Snap to It: Tips for Brands to Get Started on Snapchat (or at Least to Consider) By PRNEWS Editors
  • 12 Ways Brands Can Use ‘Memories’ to Mix New and Existing Content By Serena Ehrlich
  • Close Chapter
  • Twitter Video Proves to Be a Winner for Engagement With B2C Brands By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Cisco Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes With Periscope By Stephanie Chan
  • Can Periscope Provide Positive Payoffs For Brands? And Other Big Questions By David Landis & James Mowdy
  • Periscope, Facebook Live Claim Their Media Moment With House Dems’ Sit-In By PRNEWS Editors
  • 5 Ways to Build Your Brand—and Your Community of Followers—on Periscope By PRNEWS Editors
  • 11 Periscope Guidelines for Expert Live Broadcasting (From Expert Broadcasters) By PRNEWS Editors
  • Stand Up to Periscope Abuse With Community-Led Moderation Feature By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • 4 YouTube Myths That May Be Limiting Your Brand’s Success, Debunked By PRNEWS Editors
  • YouTube Video Marketing Guide: How To Make YouTube Videos Work For Your PR By Cheryl Joy
  • How To Approach YouTube Influencer Partnerships to Co-Create Content By Jennifer Reilly
  • Launch a Polished Video Series on the Cheap: Leveraging What You’ve Got By Erica E. Hurtt
  • 6 Quick Tips for Working With YouTube Influencers That Gel With Your Audience By PPRNEWS Editors
  • Going Holistic: Use YouTube as More Than Just a Stagnant Video Repository By Ian Beckman & Scott Kramer
  • How an Online Brand Used Video Transparency to Gain the Public’s Trust By Eric Hollreiser
  • Close Chapter
  • Production Techniques to Keep in Mind for Creating Impactful Videos By Karen Addis and Drew Blais
  • Essential Video Gear That Is Now Available to Amateurs—Use It! By Mike Falkow
  • Don’t Just Tell, Show! Editing Video to Share Why You’re Different By Calvin Schenck
  • How to Create World-Class Video on a Budget (and an Even Smaller Budget) By PRNEWS  Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • 8 Musts for Using Video to Tell Your Brand Story and Generate Return on Investment By Katie Creaser
  • How a Fortune 500 Trucking Company ‘Drove’ Engagement With Driver Stories By Kate Bachman and Michelle LeBlanc
  • 2 Case Studies in How to Develop an Effective Company Overview Video By Tod Plotkin
  • What Can PR Pros Learn From Chipotle’s Animated ‘A Love Story’ Video? By PRNEWS Editors
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Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

Video Guidebook Featured Company
Video Guidebook Featured Company
Video Guidebook Featured Company
Video Guidebook Featured Company
Video Guidebook Featured Company
Video Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

Video Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: 11 Cost-Effective Tips for Using Online Video to Build Engagement With Your Brand By PRNEWS Editors

Video Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Small Steps Add Up to a Giant Leap: How NASA Made a Star of Juno on Social By PRNEWS Editors

Video Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from YouTube Video Marketing Guide: How To Make YouTube Videos Work for Your PR By Cheryl Joy

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