U.S. Millennials Gloomier on Future Than Global Peers

Young People in U.S. Need Dose of Optimism: Coming of age in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression has taken a serious toll on U.S. millennials, who maintain a generally pessimistic outlook on the future of the country, according to a new survey report released from One Young World, the global youth forum organized by Euro RSCG Worldwide PR

The one exception? The opportunities afforded the millennial generation by the Web, with 77% of millennials in the U.S. saying the Internet has opened up greater business prospects for people their age. 

The survey quizzed young people ages 20-29 from 21 different countries around the world on important global issues. 

Among the findings:

• U.S. youth aren’t feeling exceedingly optimistic: 29% of young Americans agree with the statement “I feel very positive about my country’s future,” compared to a global average of 45%.

• Just 38% of U.S. millennials say their career ambition is to run their own business, versus 69% of millennials in China and an average of 68% worldwide.

• Young Americans’ pessimism—or apathy—toward the business world extends to the traditional process of climbing the corporate ladder: Only 40% report a career ambition to “work their way to the top of an established business,” versus 85% of young people in China and 64% worldwide.

Source: One Young World/Euro RSCG Worldwide PR