Top Women in PR 2014: Jenna Thomas

Jenna Thomas, Director, Digital Public Relations & Social Media Marketing, Nebo Agency 

Since joining Nebo in 2013, Jenna has grown the Social Media and PR team from the smallest to the most important arm of the agency. Because of her, the agency has gone from placements in niche publications to securing spots with the likes of AP, USA Today, LA Times and CBS and NBC affiliates.  Her PR prowess has done everything from save a cultural landmark through helping to drive shelter-dog adoption. Where Jenna goes, agencies and clients grow.

Charles and Ray Eames are design legends that revolutionized architecture, filmmaking and furniture. Their greatest achievement was the Eames House, which they designed and lived in. The house was in disrepair and the Eames Foundation asked Nebo to raise $150,000 to preserve the house for 250 years. Jenna and her team designed and sold limited edition Eames-inspired prints to raise money, but the pro bono project left Jenna with no PR budget. She relied on a compelling narrative to generate excitement among design enthusiasts. The earned media campaign engaged national outlets, local media, and art and architecture publications, as well as key design influencers. The response was rapid and overwhelming. USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Wallpaper Magazine and National Examiner ran features, which helped drive the campaign to garner over 30 million earned media impressions, 200 media placements and succeed in reaching the funding goal within six months of the campaign.