2016 Agency Elite Awards: Marketing to Women

Winner: Lippe Taylor - MonaLisa Touch: Improving a Woman’s Gynecologic Health and Quality Of Life

Put a laser where? For many women, the initial reaction to using a laser on their lady parts is shocking until they realize that MonaLisa Touch is a game-changer that benefits millions of women who suffer from gynecologic issues stemming from reduced estrogen and breast cancer treatments. Then the only shocker is how fast it can restore a woman’s quality of life. Based on Lippe Taylor’s category experience the agency knew that this was a taboo topic, but an important one. Women needed to hear about this breakthrough treatment. Using clinical results, compelling patients’ stories and a laser-focused media strategy, Lippe Taylor helped many women smile again.

By leveraging the positive results from clinic trials, along with data on the success of the product in Europe, Lippe Taylor was able to establish credibility and efficacy. To create a compelling storytelling narrative about how the MonaLisa Touch works the team utilized a spokesperson duo including a physician and a patient. The team targeted media outlets that would maximize and amplify the story, securing spots on outlets including FoxNewsHealth.com and New York Daily News.

Honorable Mentions:

  • 5W Public Relations - OneStopPlus Rebrands to FULLBEAUTY Brands, Revolutionizes Plus-Size Style
  • GOLD PR - Invisalign "Unbrace Teen Confidence"
  • Green Works - Green Works Encourages Girls to Unleash Their Natural Potential