2016 Agency Elite Awards: Advocacy

Winner: Irwin Gail Consumer Communications - Badger & Winters #WomenNotObjects

#WomenNotObjects is a women’s advocacy campaign that sought to shake up the way the advertising industry portrays women. The campaign was the brainchild of ad industry executive Madonna Badger. It was designed to spur conversation around the pervasive objectification of women in advertising. In the ‘90s, Madonna Badger was the creative director behind the original Calvin Klein underwear ads. At the time, these ads seemed novel and helped the brand cut through the clutter. However, in the 25 years since those ads, women have been increasingly objectified throughout American culture. With medical evidence of the harm these types of ads have had on younger children, Badger and her team vowed never to create another campaign treating women as objects.

Badger & Winters created a compelling video around the topic to raise awareness about how women are portrayed by brands, highlight the harm these images do to young girls and boys and create a call to action for consumers, brands and executives to become part of the conversation by using the #WomenNotObjects hashtag. In two and a half weeks the agency garnered more than 18,000 social mentions, 380 million media impressions, three organic celebrity posts and over 1.45 million video views.

Honorable Mentions:

  • JPA Health Communications - Concussion Prevention: Digital Outreach
  • LDWWgroup - The Big 12 Conference: Changing the Game, So Legislators Don’t Have To
  • Momentum Communications Group - Empowering Nonprofit Voices