The Imperative of Cultivating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has become a lot more than a buzzword. Companies like BuzzFeed and Mashable have proven that you can leverage sponsored content as your bread and butter.  They have also motivated traditional media companies to reexamine their revenue models, and advertisers to rethink their appeals and pitching strategies.

Perhaps the most compelling recent example is The New York Times revealing this week that it is exploring ways to integrate sponsored content, which is likely a response to 10 straight quarters of declining sales. 

The advantage of content marketing in the digital space is that it offers an alternative to banner ads. It allows a brand to creatively market a product or service with a supporting narrative.

The Times jumping on the content marketing bandwagon indicates that the media company is seeking new methods to drive revenue. It is also a validation for the practice itself. In other words, content marketing isn’t just for blogs about cute animals and cool new gadgets, it can also work for journalistic juggernauts, too.

So what does that mean for your brand? Simple: there are an increasing number of channels that can offer space for custom content which can showcase your products and services.

The challenge, of course, is finding the right channel, platform and content that fits with your brand and your consumer appeal. Nevertheless, what is crucial is that your brand embraces content marketing and develops a custom tailored strategy–sooner rather than later.

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