How to Provide Earth Day and Sustainability Messaging Every Day

Old Navy Earth Day

While Earth Day happens once a year, more organizations are taking conservation to heart and including it within their goals and values. Green marketing and messaging is no longer a trendy strategy to gain favor with the public.

Sustainability messaging, however, can get lost in the onslaught of Earth Day promotions and pledges. Making sustainability a continual content goal can prevent it getting slighted on a worthy, but crowded, day. 

“Climate change is a 24-hours, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year issue,” said Molly Hendriksen, account director, technology and innovation, at BerlinRosen.  “There is no time to waste bringing to light how you and your team are making an impact on one of the most significant challenges of our time.”  
Media Relations as Education
Environmental reporting is not new, but with more media outlets hiring full-time climate and environment reporters, it's becoming a trend to recognize. While many of these journalists are well trained, it’s still important to recognize the need for continual education on conservation issues.

Like Hendricksen, Suzanne Pelisson, associate director for PR at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), said every day is Earth Day at her organization, which is dedicated to ocean research, exploration and education.

“[Full-time environmental beat reporters] open up year-round opportunities to share important stories on new understanding of how our planet works, how humans are impacting it, and the importance of science in developing and evaluating sustainable solutions,” Pelisson said. 

In turn, tech breakthroughs mean advocacy groups no longer need to depend on the news hook of new findings or published research for pitches. For example, WHOI can offer media compelling visuals from ocean-roving vehicles, videographers and other sources that help make green stories relevant year round.


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