Terms You Need to Know [2Q 2022]

Mega Power Frunk: If your reaction is What the frunk?, you’ve missed the news about electronic vehicles (EV). Ford’s F-150 EV, Lightning, re-purposes space where a V-8 engine used to sit for the frunk, which can hold 400 pounds of gear. Its 14 cubic feet include a drain for washing, four traditional outlets and twi USB ports. At slightly less than $40K, the Lightning makes EVs relatively affordable. It’s our way of emphasizing that the E in ESG is coming fast. Ignoring it can increase risk and damage reputation.


Strive: ESG is coming too fast for some. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has raised $20 million and founded Strive, a hedge fund urging companies against wading into political and social issues. ESG should be reined in, former VP Mike Pence says. Even ESG stalwart BlackRock is reviewing its climate stance.


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