Louis C. Williams, Jr.
The Lou Williams Companies, Inc.

Louis C. Williams, Jr. was instrumental in the creation of “Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management,” the largest research project ever conducted on the value of public relations. He is the author of the best-selling IABC book Communication Research, Measurement and Evaluation: A Practical Guide for Communicators, covering how to use research in public relations and communication. Lou founded L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA), a Chicago-based public relations and research counseling firm, in 1985. His firm belief was that research should be an integral part of any public relations program. Lou is clear about what keeps him up at night about PR measurement: “When I see what people are using for research versus what research should be, I get really nervous. They are still counting clips. It’s disturbing and it’s a sign of what we were as a profession many years ago. We’re trying to move out of it, but it’s hard to do.”