A Lack of Consensus: Do PR Pros Working with Moderate Amounts of Data Need AI Now?

When it comes to deploying artificial intelligence (AI) in PR, the debate continues.

Most agree that PR teams managing massive amounts of data should invest in machine-learning technology and AI experts.

But for those working with small data sets–such as analyzing a modest-sized company’s Twitter engagement for 12 months–a manual review of the top 100 posts often will suffice, argues Christopher Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist at Trust Insights.

“You need AI when you have machine-sized problems. You can use human solutions when you have human-sized problems,” Penn writes in a recent e-missive.

He adds that a key to unlocking the intelligence AI provides involves boiling down machine-sized data sets into smaller chunks. Human analysts can then work with those data sets.

[Not everyone agrees with Penn, as you’ll see below.]
AI for PR? Maybe
While we’d all love to magic away our workloads using automation, the concept that PR pros who are not responsible for large data sets do not have to employ AI is good news.

That means you’ll require fewer consultants and external software, a relief for budgets.

On the career end, it’s a sign that doom-and-gloom predictions that automation will soon replace PR and marketing jobs likely are overblown.


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