A Journalist Tells All: Getting the Attention of a Busy Broadcast Journalist

When he’s not part of a live TV broadcast or making an on-air appearance during his daily morning sports radio show—or covering the Olympics for NBC—Bobby Trosset gets inundated with emails, announcements, press releases, and loads of correspondence that are all trying to grab his attention. Keep reading to better understand the best way to reach this busy communications professional.

What’s the best way to get you to read an email related to PR? What draws you in and captures your attention?
When it comes to PR related emails, I'm more likely to engage/respond to something that is visually appealing, short, and concise. It should include material that really draws me in and answers all the key questions quickly: who, what, when, why, where, how?

Bobby Trosset

Is it okay for PR professionals to contact you on social media or is that annoying?
I get a ton of emails from PR professionals in and out of D.C. & Baltimore. As you know, in this business we often are flooded with emails. So, sometimes reaching out via social media is preferred. It’s also helpful if I see that the sender and I have a mutual connection or contact on social media.

What is the biggest mistake a PR professional can make if they are trying to share news or an announcement with you?
The biggest mistake would be sending over inaccurate information that we then publish to our platforms. Once I receive inaccurate information from a source, it’s hard to gain that trust again.

Is there a certain day of week or time of day that works best for you to receive a pitch?
This obviously fluctuates given the week/season, but generally the earlier the better.

Press conferences: Are you a fan? Why or why not?
To me, you can't really ever go wrong with press conferences, to some extent. Although social media has opened up avenues for athletes and other professionals to share news, the good old fashioned press conference always works. Press conferences can really set the tone for an announcement and also allows for great networking with other attendees.