[VIDEO] PRNEWS Live Mixes Hispanic Heritage Month with Reputation Repair

In our second PRNEWS Live session celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we welcomed veteran corporate communicator Marco Gonzalez. Formerly VP, PR and corporate affairs at Estrella Media, Gonzalez is founder of MaGo! PR and board chair of the Latino Equality Alliance.

He discussed the richness and diversity of Latino and Hispanic culture and how companies must be mindful of it in their messaging.

In addition, Gonzalez spoke of the recent news concerning the Los Angeles City Council in the context of recovering reputation and trust. He suggested companies and people in similar PR crises respond promptly, openly and with authenticity. The council, he said, should begin immediately with a DEI training program for not only members, but staff. Recovering the public's trust will take time. "It won't happen over night," he added.

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