Finding the Right Media Hooks for a CSR Story

When UPS executives set out to initiate aggressive media outreach around its various environmental endeavors, they decided to use the following nine stories as news hooks, upon which they could build their overall campaign message: Brown goes green.
1.    UPS Avoids Left Turns to Reduce Emissions: Apparently the key to optimizing delivery routes and reducing the number of miles driven is to minimize left turns, which often result in drivers sitting idle at intersections and subsequently burning excess fuel. This prompted UPS to deploy a high-tech route-planning system that ultimately shaves nearly 30,000 miles, reduces emissions by 32,000 metric tons of CO2 and saves 3 million gallons of gas annually.
2.    UPS Deploys Eco-Friendly Vehicles: In March 2008, UPS debuted its new fleet of alternative fuels vehicles (AFVs), which included compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles for specific markets, including Dallas, Atlanta and five cities in California.
3.    UPS Places World’s Largest Hybrid Vehicle Order: In May 2008—at 5 p.m. the day before the announcement, no less—the company placed the world’s largest hybrid vehicle order.
4.    UPS Reduces Idling to Save Emissions: In a similar vein as the “no left turns” initiative, UPS introduced telematics technology to monitor its vehicles’ performance, in turn finding that reducing idling time during delivery days reduces emissions. This realization prompted the company to help its drivers reduce their idling by 24 minutes a day.
5.    UPS Paperless Invoice Makes Going Global Greener: In June 2008, UPS unveiled a new product that helped its customers conduct global trade without generating the usual amount of paperwork.
6.    UPS Delivers for Solar Car Race Team: UPS engineers partnered with University of Kentucky students to help them build a solar-powered car.
7.    UPS Takes Cool Approach to Data Center Efficiency: UPS implemented energy-efficient innovations within its data centers to help reduce energy use.
8.    UPS First to Purchase Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: In 2008, the company announced its purchase of hydraulic hybrid vehicles at an Atlanta media event, which was attended by bloggers and representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency, Eaton Corp. and Navistar.
9.    UPS Adopts Paperless Printing Solutions: In November 2008, UPS announced a new technology that would enable package handlers to scan barcodes directly onto packages, thus eliminating the need for paper labels and saving 1,338 tons of paper per year.