Find the Best Spokesperson

During a crisis, let others speak on your behalf. It can be an awkward feeling when the harsh winds and torrential rains are battering your company’s reputation.  Yet, in many cases, others can do a far better job of explaining who you are and what really happened.

It’s essential to ensure you have identified, engaged and prepared those external amplifiers and validators to effectively serve on your behalf before the next storm arrives.

They are not always traditional stakeholders. In most cases it’s a very different group. Instead, they often are experts and credible voices on issues that may be vulnerabilities for your company.

The first step is determining the most likely and damaging threats you may face. Then seek those who are most knowledgeable and have the widest networks in that area.

Perhaps the most challenging part is the initial outreach to them. You need to show how they stand to benefit from engagement with your company. What can you offer?


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