If Everyone Knows How to Respond to Crisis, Why Are So Many Fumbled?

Editor’s Note: With so much reporting of how botched crisis response can harm companies and organizations, why do we continue to see so many crises mishandled? We asked veteran crisis pros Ayme Zemke, EVP, Beehive Strategic Communication, and Gene Grabowski, partner, kglobal, to dive into this complex question. Their remarks were edited for space.

CRISIS INSIDER: Gene, with all the examples of what not to do in a crisis, why do we still see so many errors?

Gene Grabowski: Let me begin in defense of some companies. I’ve been doing this for 30 years; one of the things I’ve noticed is that with each year, managing crises has become harder and harder. 

CI: Why?

Grabowski: There are too many ways to mess up a crisis and only a few ways to do it right. There are also too many people involved...too many powerful stakeholders who always are looking over your shoulder or criticizing you.


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