Determining the Most Vital Information is a Key Step in a Crisis’ Early Moments

[Editor’s Note: In this dialogue we look at the initial moments of a crisis, when communicators and companies decide, ‘Are we in a crisis? Should we react? When? How?’ Our dialoguers are TV-reporters-turned-crisis-pros Scott Sayres, Honeywell’s director, global corporate communications, crisis, reputation and issues management, and T.J. Winick, SVP, Solomon, McCown & Cence. A shorter version of their dialogue will run in the June edition of Crisis Insider.]

Crisis Insider: ­­­It seems with the speed of digital news, it’s become harder for communicators to handle crises, especially when it comes to the decision whether or not to react. Is it an issue for you?

Scott Sayres: It’s a concern. We want to grasp and be in front of a crisis as quickly as possible.


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