Infographics, Surprising Data and Unusual Story Sources Can Make Dry Topics Pop in Pitches

It’s hard enough to get media placement for a launch, initiative or campaign. Indeed, obtaining “coverage in the new news cycle” and “finding relevant angles for pitches” are PR pros’ biggest concerns, according to a Muckrack report.

Let’s add another hurdle: getting coverage in a crowded media landscape (see chart 1) when your organization or product is perceived as dry or unsexy. Despite the image of the PR profession as glamorous, communicators may spend a lot time pitching mundane topics, such as sewer renovation, pest control or oven construction, for example. It’s the rare PR pro who’s pitching ‘hot’ stories constantly.

One of the first hurdles is the pitcher’s perception, says Krystal Covington, founder, Go Lead Consulting of Denver.

“While in your world what you’re [pitching] is unique, in [the journalist’s] might take more depth and more newsworthiness,” for it to get covered, Covington says. “[Journalists] need to connect [your pitch] to something that requires them to act quickly.” (See chart 2).

Newsjacking, Events and Holidays
One way to get a journalist to consider a pitch about a product or organization that is perceived as mundane is via newsjacking. This tactic has its time and place when done well.


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