Celebrities & a Symbiotic Media: How to Deal With Your True Competitors for Attention

Pity PR pros trying to get out their brands’ messages socially in the aftermath of the Grammy Awards. For many it was the first morning back in the office after the Grammys and all anyone could talk about, tweet about or Instagram about was Kanye West and Taylor Swift. It’s not that the world stood still over the weekend: The longest-sitting Supreme Court justice passed away suddenly on Saturday evening, earlier in the week Russia bombed Syrian hospitals, the refugee crisis in Europe was ongoing and global markets were reeling. Still, it was all Kanye and Taylor all the time. It made us think: Who’s the real competition for PR pros, brands in their space or Kanye and Taylor, who’ve become brands themselves? We asked a slew of PR practitioners—nearly all of whom will be presenters at PR News ’ Social Media Summit later this week in Huntington Beach, CA—how brands can use social media to penetrate the cultural morass.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet? The first question to ask is whether or not you want to piggyback on the hot trend or news of the day. For Rachel Mátos, director of social media and influencer relations at Latina Bloggers Connect, the verdict is clear. “Pop culture drama on Twitter comes and goes—quickly. You can simply ignore it. Or you can go the @PizzaHutUK route and get your name in the headlines.


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