2017 CSR Awards

Sustainability/CSR Report

Lockheed Martin 2015 Sustainability Report: Science of Citizenship

Lockheed Martin’s 2015 Sustainability Report: Science of Citizenship explains that the company’s sustainability mission is to foster innovation, integrity and security to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.

Along with providing background on Lockheed—which has operations in over 70 countries and is a global leader in the advanced security and aerospace industries—the colorful, eye-catching and detailed report explains the Lockheed Martin Sustainability Management Plan (SMP).

The plan manages and measures performance of Lockheed Martin’s six core issues and corresponding objectives. These include governance, product performance, talent competitiveness, information security, resource efficiency and supplier sustainability. Established in 2013, it outlines approximately 40 short- and-long-term indicators of sustainability in Lockheed’s business decisions and practices.

In terms of supplier sustainability, for example, Lockheed met or exceeded its objective to partner with at least 90% of active suppliers to advance responsible sourcing practices and improve transparency.

With respect to resource efficiency, Lockheed also met or exceeded its objective to optimize the use of natural resources in its operations to reduce carbon emissions through improved energy management.

The report also explains that sustainability engagement at Lockheed Martin is more than a biennial core issues assessment; in fact, it is day-to-day action on multiple continents. Lockheed includes and encourages feedback from employees, customers, investors, analysts, community leaders, suppliers, regulators and NGOs to make sure its sustainability agenda and business strategy have a meaningful impact.

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