2017 CSR Awards

Agency CSR A-List

G&S Business Communications

G&S Business Communications (G&S) motivates clients and employees to think differently to find innovative solutions. G&S clients deal with global issues, such as promoting renewable energy to combat climate change and raising awareness about water scarcity.

The 2016 G&S Sense & Sustainability Study included consumer perspectives on renewable energy in the presidential election and government regulation of energy resources. Findings from the seventh annual study show that more than three-quarters of Americans (78%) believe the 45th president should dedicate more attention to speeding up renewable energy adoption.

The G&S Sense & Sustainability Salon series made its way to Indianapolis in 2015. To meet industry needs for ongoing professional training, G&S holds sessions where invited guests can benefit from agency resources and top experts in business media, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and employee engagement. Attendees participated in a round table discussion focusing on the challenges of measuring sustainability and how to communicate environmental goals to stakeholders, consumers and fellow corporations. Featured speakers included Laurie Counsel, communications director from Cummins and Karen Burns, the executive VP from the Indianapolis Zoological Society, as well as G&S Managing Director Ron Loch.

G&S prioritizes and celebrates diversity and inclusion. The first year of G&S’ diversity and inclusion initiative, Think Differently Together, focused on strengthening the agency’s diverse workforce to promote collaboration and bring a competitive edge when vying for new business. The program began in early 2015 as an employee survey with questions based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion and fair treatment. Results from the survey were then transformed into the basis for the Think Differently Together program along with a logo, survey infographics and cultural events throughout the three G&S offices.