Top Women in PR: Grace Nasri

Grace Nasri, PayPal

Grace served as the PR lead for PayPal’s ongoing One Touch campaign and has successfully developed messaging, crafted pitches, drafted blogs and secured media for each phase of this product launch. Grace proactively created a communications plan and supplemented this work with a comprehensive competitive landscape plan to better understand PayPal’s place in the industry and the product's value proposition when stacked against competitors. This work, paired with Grace’s innate project management skills and flawless program execution, has led to massive product adoption—millions of consumer opt-ins globally—and more than three times the campaign’s anticipated KPIs across all announcements.

Her expert management of this major campaign and ability to find newsworthy hooks for each subsequent announcement following the initial launch in August 2014—be that the extension to web or international expansion—has garnered hundreds upon hundreds of unique media hits and countless features in top-tier outlets, including Bloomberg West, Fortune, Barron's, Reuters and Re/code among others. Grace’s deep understanding of the product and ability to answer reporters’ technical queries has also proven to be an indispensable quality for our merchant business and has led to executive backing of our PR campaigns.