Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Twitter Campaign to Increase Followers

Winner: Coyne PR on Behalf of Just Born—Targeting our Twitter PEEPS

For more than 60 years, PEEPS, the colorful marshmallow chicks and bunnies made by Just Born Quality Confections, have been a staple in Easter baskets all over the country. During the months leading up to Eater, social conversations around PEEPS is in full swing with fans sharing their love and excitement for the brand. After the 2014 Easter rush, Just Born was looking to increase awareness and social media presence to position PEEPS as a treat that can be enjoyed every day, not just for Easter. The brand saw that its fans were highly active on Twitter and some were talking about PEEPS all year long. PEEPS enlisted the help of Coyne PR to realize their goal of keeping the brand relevant all year long.

Prior to the start of the campaign PEEPS had a small but dedicated Twitter following of 734 followers. Coyne and Just Born set out exploring Twitter advertising by leveraging the core audience’s interests and passion points and generating evergreen content to showcase PEEPS’ non-edible use in activities like crafting. At the end of the campaign, PEEPS boosted its Twitter following to a total of over 18,000. Over the course of their work, over 3.4 million consumer impressions were generated, which built a larger and more engaged Twitter community helping the brand stay relevant during the typically slow summer months.

Honorable Mentions

  • Finn Partners on behalf of - The Obvious Choice for Travel Engagement on Twitter
  • IHS - Excellence in Social Media 2014
  • LPGA - Player Twitter Handle/Caddie Bib Program
  • MassMedia Corporate Communications - Big Mac 444 Giveaway Contest
  • Warner Bros & Edelman Los Angeles