Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Best Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Winner: Lippe Taylor for Elizabeth Arden—Elizabeth Arden Launches UntoldMOMent Instagram Campgain

Elizabeth Arden’s fragrance, UNTOLD, is a celebration of the untold story behind every woman. The UntoldMOMent campaign brought those stories to life for Mother’s Day by encouraging women everywhere to share their special “MOMents” with the mothers in their lives to increase organic conversation around the brand and fragrance, enabling Elizabeth Arden to celebrate and thank the strong, nurturing, modern women who inspired the fragrance.

To reach new and highly engaged audiences within their target during the campaign, Lippe Taylor strategically partnered with two influential bloggers who also had large followings on Instagram. From supporting blog posts, tweets and giveaways to a complete Instagram takeover by one influencer, the team was able to highlight UNTOLD in a genuine and relatable way. The campaign also helped women emotionally connect to the brand and fragrance encouraging them to consider their own personal untold MOMents. The campaign secured a total of 2 million social media impressions, 7,000 engagements and 656 new Instagram followers for the Elizabeth Arden handle.

Honorable Mentions

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  • Tourism Authority of Thailand - Choose My Thailand
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