Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Best Infographic

Co-Winner: 97th Floor—Blendtec Recipes 

After researching, the team at 97th Floor found that over 33,000 people search for restaurant and copycat recipes on Google every month. After further research the team discovered that Buffalo Wild Wings was searched 1.8 million times each month. With this information 97th Floor wanted to create a piece that would reach this new, Buffalo Wild Wings fan base an still connect with Blendtec’s existing fans.

Recipes for different styles of wings were sent to 97th Floor’s design team and they created an elegant infographic. Once it went live of Blendtec’s site it was then posted to Reddit and Pinterest. Once on Reddit, it was quickly up-voted and featured on the "Lifehacks" subreddit. The team then partnered with 20 top influencers on Pinterest and asked them to pin the infographic to their boards. It has since accumulated over 56,000 social shares from various social media platforms, it is the number one most shared Buffalo Wild Wings pice on Pinterest with over 12,000 pins. The infographic also brought in the biggest spike in traffic Blendtec has ever seen with over 125,000 visitors to the site in less than a month.

Co-Winner: Cisco Service Provider—Visual Networking Index (VNI) Interactive Infographic

In the technology news space, Cisco is among the most respected and influential thought leaders. Continually challenged with telling the story of complex technology in a way that resonates with diverse audiences, Cisco must present robust information in digestible and educational formats. One of Cisco’s most data-rich studies, the Visual Networking Index (VIN) Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecast, 2013-2018, is part of an ongoing initiative to track and forecast the adoption and impact of visual networking such as social media, video streaming and web conferencing on Internet protocol (IP) traffic. While all the findings are significant, the VNI study’s size and complexity can be overwhelming to readers. TO make all this information palatable, Cisco’s social media marketing team created and launched the Visual Networking Index Interactive Infographic.

The team developed an innovative interactive infographic hosted on Cisco’s website that allowed users to customize data according to their areas and regions of interest showing the growth and impact of global IP traffic. Powered by the infographic, the broader VNI campaign generated over 6,000 online conversations and 13 million impressions—a stark contrast to the prior year’s 2 million impressions. The infographic also garnered attention from some of the industry’s most respected publications and websites, including Network World, PC World, Business Insider, Gigaom and Re/Code.

Honorable Mentions

  • National Marine Manufacturers Association - #Boating-An American Pastime & Big Business for U.S. Economy in 2013
  • National Marine Manufacturers Association - Boating is Big Business in San Diego
  • Octane Public Relations & HAHSTA
  • Time Warner Cable - Every Day @ TWC
  • United Nations Foundation