Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Google+ Best Communications

Winner: 97th Floor — Blendtec Community. 

97th Floor set out to create a Google+ community, branded under the Blendtec name where users could come and find healthy recopies, fitness tips and other health related posts. The goal was to position Blendtec as an authority on health and fitness without giving fitness advice. After doing research into the best possible community name, 97th Floor decided on “Food + Fitness” because both terms scored over a million searches every month on the platform.

After being live for a few months, the community has almost 3,000 followers and high engagement on posts. After 97th Floor took over the Blendtec Google+ community, traffic increased from Google+ to Blendtec’s site by over 500 percent.

Honorable Mentions

  • Marist College - Marist Chat
  • Transamerica