Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Best Blog

Winner: Anthropologie 

On Tumblr, Anthropologie is meant to engage and entice by supplementing the shopping experience through creating a 360-degree depiction of the brand’s lifestyle. Be it outfitting tips from their personal stylist, a mouth-watering Friday night cocktail or the perfect spring hair-do, Anthropologie prides itself on being a trusted friend and inspiration for their readers. Utilizing all available media—from photos and videos to animated GIFs—the brand has created an interactive and shareable experience for fans and new readers alike. The Make it Happen DIY series is a great example of fun, relevant content. Each Friday, Anthropologie posts a seasonal cocktail or food recipe, usually as part of an overarching monthly theme.

Anthropologie’s aim on Tumblr is to create content that dovetails seamlessly with their business goals and customers’ interests as well. Through several iterations of brainstorming seessions that beign months in advance, the team curates a dynamic selection of stories that align with key brand messages for the season. These posts can run the gamut from DIYs and tutorials to seasonal playlists, recipes, behind-the-scenes videos and more. Anthropologie has seen a 65 percent growth in Tumblr followers and a 108 percent growth in likes and reblogs, while driving 40,000 unique visitors to

Honorable Mentions

  • Becker College - President's Blog
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance - The Torch: A Guide to Safe and Smart Living
  • Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau - I Love Memphis Blog