2015 Digital PR Awards: Digital PR Team of the Year – Nonprofit

Winner: UN Foundation

The job of the United Nations Foundation’s Digital Public Relations team is to help tell the ongoing story and accomplishments of the UN Foundation and more than a dozen of its campaigns in ways that engage constituents and build its base of supporters, prompting action in support of the best work of the United Nations.

The foundation has created the largest movement of global activists in the world; they support the UN in creating positive change where it is needed most. The foundation, in fact, is rallying millions of people, many on digital platforms, who are helping the UN change millions of lives today for a better world tomorrow. In everything the foundation team does, they think digital first, which enables it to create nimble, impactful activations for its causes.

The UN Foundation online team, made up of 16 people, manages all digital communications for its 17 issue-based campaigns and initiatives, ranging from malaria prevention to the empowerment of girls and women. Each of the individual campaigns and program areas of the foundation have tailor-made digital communications strategies that take into account the various activities, events and media tactics that are part of the foundation’s larger calendar of 360-degree public relations opportunities.

The campaigns comprise more than 2 million followers across 50+ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ pages and YouTube Channels, which are actively engaged with 2,000 to 11,000 social media posts per month. All campaigns and UN Foundation leadership take turns contributing to the UN Foundation blog, providing a regular stream of compelling content for all of the foundation’s initiatives, as well as a showcase for notable work by the UN and other partners, and creating a pipeline into the foundation’s flagship website.

The foundation’s campaigns and programs also communicate with constituents through e-mail updates and newsletters, at a rate of 20 to 60 emails (all campaigns combined) per month to more than 600,000 subscribers. The foundation and campaign websites also drive more than 3.5 million page views per year.

Honorable Mention:

•             Human Rights Campaign