2015 Digital PR Awards: Digital Marketing Campaign 500k+

Winner: Marina Maher Communications and Crowdtap, Inc. - U by Kotex Taps into a Universal Female Truth, Connects with Young Women Everywhere and Saves the Undies

By taking a “girl power” approach to marketing, Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex brand had captured 18.2% of the $2.8 billion feminine protection category in the US after three years on the market. But while the brand resonated with socially conscious millennials, it was failing to win over the much larger mainstream millennial target primarily concerned with protection. To continue its steady growth, U by Kotex had to appeal to this larger group without losing the position of empowerment it had worked so hard to achieve.

Focusing on its weakest segment – pads – which were declining while the competition was gaining share, the brand introduced a new feature to prevent leaks, thwarting the casualties of millions of undies lost to failed period protection. This clear benefit inspired the launch of “Save the Undies,” a rallying cry every woman who has ever ruined a favorite pair of undies due to a faulty feminine care product could relate to.

MMC and Crowdtap unleashed the U by Kotex UnderWarriors to advocate through engaging programs designed to encourage their friends, fans and followers to help Save the Undies and learn more about the new U by Kotex pad. These included a consumer event in New York City, a fun and interactive microsite and a series of activations that extended the life of the story and generated millions of social impressions.

Through a socially integrated program, U by Kotex proved to young women that it’s not only a brand that “gets them,” but that it “gets what matters to them,” maintaining its core consumer and reaching a broader target. As a result, trust in the brand rose 21% and sales increased 20%.

Honorable Mentions:

·           Accenture Digital and Accenture Strategy

·           American Heart Association - Life is Why

·           Financial Consumer Agency of Canada - No Surprises

·           Raytheon Company - Innovation for a Safer World Campaign