2015 Digital PR Awards: Digital Marketing Campaign (200k-500k)

Winner: Stein IAS on behalf of Juniper Network - Time to Strike

Juniper Networks, for the unfamiliar, is a multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA that develops and markets networking products. Its products include routers, switches, network management software, network security products and software-defined networking technology.

Launched in Oct. 2014, the ‘Strike’ campaign was Juniper’s first globally orchestrated, fully integrated digital marketing initiative. The campaign was designed to target CIOs and Network Managers in medium to large US enterprises. In an arena where buying decisions require a high level of brand trust and a great deal of highly technical information, the challenge was to attract and engage prospects, then educate them with relevant content.

Having been appointed as Juniper’s strategic agency in early 2014, Stein IAS used market research and workshops with key sales and marketing personnel, which helped them develop sequences of messages aligned to the different personas Juniper was trying to reach, and their buyer journeys. Content, some existing and some new, was then mapped to these journeys to give prospects the right information in the right order to optimize the buying process.

The most important content pieces are the ones that break the door down and Stein IAS produced three eBooks on the hot topics of Security, Virtualization and Automation. Pitched at CIOs and network architects and discussing the latest insights from top analysts, these were promoted by online banner ads, social media and email. Prospects were required to fill out a data capture form to download the eBooks. This enabled and informed an ongoing digital relationship, nurtured by automated emails.

The sales target of $3 million over 12 months was surpassed in the first quarter – with a pipeline of over $12 million and counting.

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