2015 Digital PR Awards: Email Newsletter

Winner: Entropy Solutions - Phase Change Matters Newsletter

As part of its website overhaul last year, Entropy Solutions developed the Phase Change Matters Newsletter, a weekly email newsletter that is an industry first.

By the time the new website launched on Dec. 15, 2014, the Phase Change Matters blog was stocked with more than two dozen entries—providing first-time visitors with evidence of Entropy’s commitment to offering the latest news and research on phase change material and thermal energy storage, as well as providing content for the email newsletter. That’s because the strongest blog entries are adapted for use in the weekly email newsletter of the same name. The first issue of the Phase Change Matters Newsletter was distributed to a few dozen subscribers on Dec. 19, 2014.

In an industry with a tiny footprint, social media has played a key role in building an audience for the blog and the newsletter. Every post -- more than seven a week, on average -- is tweeted/shared on the company’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts.

In March 2015, Entropy launched a private group on LinkedIn and uses that service’s powerful search tool to identify industry experts and invite them to join the group to connect with experts on phase change materials and thermal energy storage. The LinkedIn group represents a highly targeted audience for marketing messages, and the discussions provide great fodder for the e-mail newsletter.

The newsletter has been nothing short of a success. In fact, within just six months, the newsletter established a large, focused and engaged audience, with more than 600 subscribers and an open rate of nearly 30 percent.

PureTemp.com traffic has more than doubled, year over year, from an average of about 5,500 page views a month to more than 11,000.

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