2016 PR News CSR Hall of Fame: Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble - Tide Loads of Hope

Launched in response to the devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused to the New Orleans area in 2005, Procter & Gamble’s Tide Loads of Hope offers communities a free, mobile laundromat so they can have the comfort of clean clothes. Since its inception, Tide Loads of Hope has gone on to help more than 40,000 families by washing more than 60,000 loads of laundry for those impacted by disasters.

Inspired by the resilience and spirit of the people of New Orleans, Tide was driven to expand the program and has since gone around the country to help numerous communities affected by disaster.

Today, the program deploys the Tide Loads of Hope trucks, which are outfitted with a total of 44 washers and dryers, to offer free washing, drying and folding services to the residents and workers as they rebuild their communities. These trucks are capable of cleaning over 400 loads of laundry everyday—allowing Tide to help hundreds of families during every deployment. Due to the problem of finding a central location where people can easily access the trucks, one of Tide trucks is specifically designed to be able to travel into multiple areas of the community to offer its services to as many families as possible.

Tide has learned that little things—like clean clothes—can make a big difference to those who have lost the comforts of home. Tide Loads of Hope trucks stand ready to help relief workers and families whose clothing and personal items have been impacted and to help renew a sense of hope to individuals in need.