2016 Top Places to Work in PR: W2O Group

W2O Group is a powerhouse of multi-talented, hard-working individuals. The entrepreneurial spirit of the organization can be seen in all office locations and permeates everything the agency does.

W2O strives to be the best, not the biggest. Brainstorms often include people from a cross-section of backgrounds and titles, as creativity is an expected attribute of everyone within the agency. The "culture clubs" in each office ensure for recreational time that not only enhances team building but also allows for more collaborative activities.

Employees receive on-the-job skill development and knowledge-building opportunities in various forms including one-on-one instruction, live and pre-recorded webinars, in-person presentations and internal knowledge repositories. Training is developed and presented in-house, with the exception of regulatory compliance training courses that are offered and developed by  outside subject matter experts.

Employees at all levels are encouraged to present on a specific subject matter or project through W2O University, the agency's training program. This connects the offices along "one long hallway" and provides opportunities for staff to collaborate across teams.

W2O also promotes an environment of open and direct communication with senior leadership. Openness and honestly at all levels of the organization keep W2O nimble, allowing employees to take risks and innovate together.

Benefits offered include a health and wellness program, cell phone service discounts, corporate gym membership discounts, a health advocacy program and an employee assistance program.