2016 Top Places to Work in PR: UPRAISE Marketing + Public Relations

The culture at UPRAISE is quirky, laid back and motivated. Its office has an open floor plan allowing for cross-company discussions and brainstorms on a whim.

At UPRAISE, there is a heavy emphasis on mentorship. Upon starting at UPRAISE, employees are matched with a manager who provides one-on-one attention and guidance. If one is dissatisfied with assignments or the use of their skill set, they work can with their mentor to find something that better matches their talents and interests. Mentors provide guidance when employees seek it; they always trust in the self-motivation of the employee to complete work of the highest caliber.

Employees are offered a number of benefits including weekly work-from-home days, summer days (additional PTO day in June, July and Aug.) and the opportunity to register for classes, at the expense of UPRAISE, to develop skills in coding and social media.

The environment at UPRAISE is very understanding, especially if an emergency comes up. UPRAISE operates under the philosophy that work performance comes second to a happy and healthy personal life. Employees can therefore deal with any medical/family issues as they arise without fear of repercussions.

There are weekly lunches—held at the expense of UPRAISE—and quarterly events where employees get to bond with coworkers while enjoying all that San Francisco has to offer: circus school, a trip to Alcatraz, horseback riding, massages and more.