2016 Top Places to Work in PR: SAP North America

In technology, the cliché holds true: The only constant is change. Because the North America communications team is central to supporting leaders and entry-level employees alike, it is consistently involved in a diverse collection of initiatives on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. With this comes a wealth of opportunities to play to an individual’s talents, be they video production and editing, writing or project management.

SAP has a hierarchical structure that is typical of and necessary for a corporation of its size. Atypical, however, is the access any employee has to organization leaders beyond their direct manager. SAP is committed to a workplace that encourages transparency, and sees value in the contributions and insight of every employee.

The North America communications department has a notably low turnover; some employees have been with the organization since the group was created. What's more, the headcount for the team has grown considerably within the past year alone, with three new full-time employees joining in newly created roles—proof that the organization delivers value to the stakeholders it is designed to support.

At SAP, making sure employees are competitively compensated for their contributions is a top priority; in fact, SAP was recently named one of the 25 highest-paying companies in 2016, according to a compilation of salary reports from users of the job site Glassdoor.