2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Matter Communications

Matter’s culture forms the central foundation of the organization. Office culture has remained the same since it was founded in 2003 and has remained strong as the company has grown to 120 employees. If one asks the majority of employees what they like best about Matter, the two top answers are the people and the culture.

Matter always encourages employees to be creative, and to speak up if they’d like to take on additional or alternative responsibilities. Matter understands and stands by the knowledge that employees do their best work when they genuinely like the work they are doing and the clients they are working on. Therefore, through casual conversations or formal reviews, managers gauge employees' interests and passions to appropriately assign them future tasks.

There are a myriad of growth opportunities available at Matter. Formally, there is an annual review process through which promotions can occur. However, the agency also recognizes that hard work should not only be evaluated once a year, so there are often off-cycle promotions as well.

CEO Scott Signore is in the headquarters office every day and maintains an open-door policy. Scott stresses his willingness to meet with employees as necessary. From top to bottom, this open method of communication is consistent across all levels of the organization. Junior level staff are encouraged to maintain open lines of communication with their managers to address problems or ask for feedback in a welcoming, highly receptive environment.