2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Infinite Global

Infinite Global's culture is one of pride, curiosity and camaraderie with a “professionally informal” atmosphere. Each employee has a clearly defined role, and works without micromanagement, leading to a collegial, trusting environment. Employees know when it’s time to work, but also when it’s time to look up from their desks and have an off-topic conversation with colleagues.

Infinite Global believes in hiring an efficient, highly capable staff, rather than bulk recruiting at the expense of quality. Each employee is hired because senior management sees a long, prosperous future for them at the firm. From the onset, expectations are high, fair and clearly defined.

There are no office politics at Infinite Global. Everyone is confident in their own work and contributions. Because employees feel respected, there's no incentive to take credit for anyone else’s work. When projects are submitted to team members, they rarely come without an additional employee being copied and thanked for their contributions.

No firm is truly firing on all cylinders unless its employees are happy, which is why Infinite hosts sporting events, regular happy hours and team-building activities. Employees joke around in the office, take random walks around the city when the weather is just right and occasionally poke fun at coworkers’ favorite sports teams. But in the end, the amount and quality of work Infinite produces justifies its efforts in making work enjoyable for its staff.