2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Dixon Schwabl

Dixon Schwabl (DS) celebrates personality. Every employee receives a custom nameplate indicating their Myers-Briggs Type, as well as “speed reaching” techniques for their specific personality. For example, if you work with an ESTJ, “The Organizer” type, you’d know this person prefers to communicate verbally, likes to be on time and prepared (and expects the same from others).

The nameplates also incorporate an employee picture, a special-interest photo of their own devising. Employees love the chance to show off their out-of-office selves, from dressing like a member of the band KISS to striking yoga poses, cooking, baking, gardening or biking. These photos are also posted on the DS website. Clients especially enjoy this peek into the personalities of the people they work with.

Dixon Schwabl embraces fun as a core value, setting aside funds for art classes, beer tastings, retreats and parties. Team members annually share their special “circus trick,” or oddity—known company-wide as the “Dixon Schwabl Leap,” which rivals the Lambeau Leap.

Fun is also a line item in Dixon Schwabl’s annual budget, ensuring there are funds available to dedicate simply to enjoyable activities. Dixon Schwabl focuses on five core values embodying respect, integrity, teamwork, community and fun to guide and support company culture. By empowering employees and building a sense of camaraderie, the firm blends the aesthetics of its corporate headquarters with a mix of talented employees. People are the focus at Dixon Schwabl and the office is a colorful and creative reflection of Dixon Schwabl’s culture.