2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Davies

Davies continues to grow and innovate by fashioning and continuously refining a distinctive workplace culture—a culture where individual skills and achievement are consistently developed and rewarded.

At Davies, all staff are encouraged and empowered to work on improving company culture and productivity. All team members are rewarded for the firm's achievements and their individual contributions. Everyone has skin in the game, from the entry-level clerk to the CEO. This team approach has greatly benefitted company culture, inter-staff communication and workplace satisfaction.

Trust and open communication are critical at Davies. CEO John Davies sits in the open office floor plan and is accessible to staff members at all times. This open office policy influences every executive at Davies as they take time to interact with all layers of staff on a regular basis. At Davies, there is no hierarchy—there are only common goals.

Davies' offices are comfortable, state-of-the-art work environments in terms of layout, equipment, and culture. Cubicles have been removed and all offices are arranged in an open floor plan in order to best foster collaboration. While quiet workspaces are provided, a "great room" has been created with casual spaces to work and brainstorm in, and a huge flat-screen monitor with wireless display capabilities is provided for collaborative work.