2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Current Marketing

Current Marketing prides itself on being both entrepreneurial and collaborative. While Current spans five offices, it operates as one business unit—eliminating the friction that can arise when each office protects staff and revenue to the detriment of the greater good. This “One Team, One Dream” approach permeates the Current culture, which is composed of a collaborative team of individuals.

Current offers a "Mind, Body, Soul" program to promote work-life harmony for its team. The program supports experiences that enhance creativity and cultural awareness (mind), health and wellness (body) and contributions to the community (soul). Expenses are reimbursed for cultural events, gym memberships and contributions to recognized charities.

Current also has a Summer Days program to encourage employees to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Each employee is given two extra vacation days to use as they see fit between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Current gives out a “Real Great Work Award,” a monthly award recognizing individuals who have impressed and inspired their peers with recent work. The winners are unveiled during the monthly staff meeting, given $100 gift cards, and hold the title and physical awards until the following month.

Current offers flexible work schedules, paid maternity and paternity leave, adoption assistance, national gym membership and retail discounts, and identity theft protection in addition to medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance coverage.