2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Consumer Technology Association

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) encourages employees to rely on their innovative ideas, creative problem-solving capabilities and teamwork skills to develop an environment where each staff member plays an integral role in fostering innovation and feeling that their voice is heard.

Staff frequently work cross-departmentally on the development of internal initiatives, domestic and international event preparation and contribute to high-level corporate goal development and achievement. CTA’s structure is designed to encourage each employee to explore their abilities, utilize their unique skill sets across departments and within their projects.

Teamwork is a crucial component of CTA’s success and is demonstrated not only through routine projects and meetings, but also through on-site events and the internal support system shown through each employee’s willingness to step up and assist their colleagues during times of high stress.

CTA prides itself on providing a positive, supportive and professional-yet-friendly environment for all employees. The inclusive nature both within departments and interdepartmentally is valued by all employees and is what sets CTA apart from other associations and organizations.

Staff are recognized and encouraged to support one another interdepartmentally through CTA's Spotlight Award program. This program offers CTA employees the opportunity to nominate peers for outstanding work that goes above and beyond primary work responsibilities. One winner is announced at a general staff meeting by CTA’s president and CEO, and receives one day of additional PTO, a year of broadband reimbursement, a spotlight plaque, their picture on the Hall of Fame and intranet and a ribbon identifying them as a winner on their name plate. One winner is recognized per quarter.