2016 Top Places to Work in PR: The Coyne Agency

Coyne is one of many agencies recognizing that employees crave and want flexibility. Everyone is measured on their individual job performance—so it doesn't matter if your job is done in the office, at Starbucks, on the beach or at home.

Everyone is reachable at all times, with remote server access and a time-entry system that work from anywhere.

Coyne offers flexible hours so parents can spend time with their families, make a 5 p.m. yoga class or participate in their favorite extra-curricular activity. Coyne has a formal telecommuting policy whereby employees can work from home whenever they need to. There are several employees who have a set work-from-home schedule each week.

Coyne is conscientious of its diversity and has recruited at predominantly African American colleges like Howard University. Since Jan. 2015, its minority population has increased by sixty-five percent.

Results of the annual employee survey show that, when asked to use words to describe Coyne, the top three answers were fun, creative and innovative. Other top descriptors were energetic, smart, growing and family-friendly. The top reasons respondents named for working at Coyne were its environment and culture, co-workers, growth opportunities and clients.