2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Cone Communications

To celebrate and recognize employees for their commitment and years of service, Cone created the “Bubbling with Thanks” program. On each anniversary that an employee celebrates at Cone, the employee is publicly recognized at staff meetings and presented with a bottle of champagne to mark the celebration.

Another noteworthy benefit is the celebration of milestone anniversaries. When an employee hits their fifth, tenth or 15th year anniversary they receive a bonus of increasing increments and additional time off.

Cone’s Star and Galaxy Award Programs are employee recognition programs meant to foster a “culture of recognition” which is vitally important within Cone. Both awards are given at staff meetings in order to publicly recognize an employee or team for exceptional contributions. Recipients select from a variety of gift cards and also receive a certificate to proudly hang in their office or cubicle. Furthermore, Cone uses its Facebook and Twitter pages to recognize employee achievements, anniversaries and volunteer efforts.

Additionally, Cone employees are encouraged to be mindful of potential new business opportunities, and bring those opportunities to the attention of the agency. Biz Bucks is a financial incentive program that rewards those employees with a monetary bonus for proactively identifying new business opportunities. The intent of this policy is to increase the number of new business opportunities with new clients.

Cone embraces diversity and understands the benefits of having a variety of viewpoints. Its management team represents an inclusive group of demographics including (but not limited to) gender, race, ethnicity, age, personality, education and background. Cone hires and promotes based on an employee’s work performance.