2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Communications Strategy Group

A unique characteristic of Communications Strategy Group (CSG) is its anti-management philosophy. In a high-performance work environment, CSG believes team members must operate with a shared responsibility approach to their fellow team members and clients. In other words: Nobody lets anyone else down. As part of that commitment, there is no “management"; there are only “coaches” to help people grow.

CSG hosts monthly team meetings wherein team members share best practices and personal stories that can benefit other team members. On a semi-annual basis, CSG hosts “GATHERS,” an event at which all team members come together from around the country for professional development, team building, planning and fun.

CSG has built an infrastructure that facilitates open, direct and honest communications between all CSG staffers at all levels of the organization. From a tactical standpoint, CSG has implemented various communications platforms, including 15Five, which provides all CSG employees with a weekly private medium to communicate with their coaches around challenges, opportunities and feedback.

Team member happiness is paramount at CSG, which is why CSG has a full-time Happiness Coordinator. As part of her responsibilities, she stocks the kitchen with healthy snacks, organizes lunches, happy hours and team outings and sends care packages to the Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. offices.

CSG employees are also provided unlimited time off. It’s based on the shared responsibility philosophy that all team members are considerate and take care to support their clients and colleagues. Therefore—as long as their clients and colleagues are covered—if  CSG employees need the time, they take it; no questions asked.