2016 Top Places to Work in PR: Beckerman

Beckerman embraces passion and shuns hubris. In an environment where there’s no room for agency politics or self-importance, Beckerman celebrates a “do more with less” mindset, encouraging resourcefulness among employees.

Beckerman believes one shouldn't have to choose between working remotely or in an office because the company knows that creativity and productivity thrive in uninterrupted time—and can also be supercharged by inspiring environments.

With that in mind, Beckerman gives staff the best of both worlds by letting “desks drift," accommodating employees who need adjusted work schedules due to childcare or other personal obligations as well as those with difficult commutes.

Beckerman is also committed to attracting, retaining and, most importantly, advancing female talent. One of Beckerman's female executives recently participated in an interactive panel discussion tackling key issues for women in the industry and beyond, ranging from the myth of the linear career path to the need for increased STEM education resources for women.

Beckerman is dedicated to public service and contributes its expertise to organizations that help better the world and the lives of those less fortunate. Beckerman is proud to partner with and support the following nonprofit organizations: Boys & Girls Club of New Jersey, Bike 4 Chai, Daytop, NAIOP and Teaneck Creek Conservatory. Each employee is given 8 hours of paid time per year to volunteer at a charity of their choice during the work week.