2016 Top Places to Work in PR: BAM Communications

There are no “employees” at BAM Communications. That’s because the staff declared themselves “the BAMily” nearly four years ago.

While the team is all women, the BAMily members are a hodgepodge of dedicated PR professionals from different backgrounds. BAM is made up of British millennials, Jewish Mexicans, a Catholic marathon runner, and vegan theater performers ranging from 22 to 45 years of age. Despite its young makeup, BAM’s turnover rate is nearly nonexistent. People are fired quickly if they do not meet BAM’s standards. Many team members have celebrated their third, fourth and fifth “BAMiversaries" this year.  So far, only one team member has left BAM for a new position.

Perks are aplenty at BAM Communications beyond its 401K, health insurance coverage, generous vacation days, and “flex” days available to all team members. There are monthly outings like bowling, cooking courses and indoor skydiving. Lunches are hosted at least twice a month and there is a budget for fresh flowers.

BAM’s founder also bought a stunning building for employee use last year. Team members have full access to the building’s lovely pool, BBQ and patio area, steam room, underground parking and a full gym. BAM also holds a monthly book club and employees are provided two off-site retreats a year, which often include spa services.

In addition, BAM practices what its founder calls the “feedback flywheel,” as feedback is expected to be received and requested constantly from all levels of staff.