2016 Rising PR Stars: Lina Woods, Director, Advisory PR, PwC

Lina Woods is, in a word, a superstar. Since joining PwC in Aug. 2015, she has made a significant impact on the Advisory Public Relations program, building on the work of her predecessors and fundamentally restructuring and prioritizing the focus areas for each business imperative within PwC's consulting practice.

Woods has embedded new, innovative digital tactics into her programs, like content amplification initiatives and a robust focus on social media, which has resulted in increased PwC share of voice, engagement and impressions. She's secured impactful media coverage in traditional publications as well, cementing the PwC brand.

Woods has also raised the bar for PwC’s diversity-related public relations efforts. Woods immigrated to this country from Columbia as a child and is herself passionately committed to raising the profiles of other diverse professionals at the firm through telling their personal stories. She has targeted and had tremendous success in placing profiles of her clients in diversity-focused publications.